4 myths about muscle building

I don’t think that there is any place with no myths at all. As any new invention takes place, the myths also take birth along with that. Same is the situation with gyms and bodybuilding. The training and exercise in the gym is infected with false information. If anyone wants to go to the gym for muscle building, he may find many myths about the exercises and the workout session. These false statements or myths may keep you far away from adopting new methods and steps, hence check them out.

In order to finish the bad impact of muscle building, we have the best answers about every myth.  The researchers have done their research and analysis about every statement about exercise in the gym and building the muscles.

Along with the answers to common myths, we will also discuss the use of legal steroids like crazybulk. In this article, we will discuss the top four myths and their answers about muscle building.

Myth 1: Eating more protein means building more muscles:
It is the most common myth about muscle building that the more proteins you eat, more muscles you build! The proteins are the only fundamental source of muscle building. It is right but only for some extent. No doubt about the fact that protein promotes muscle building, but you don’t need inflated amount to do this, according to the nutritionist.

If you are doing hardcore workouts and consuming 0.9 to 1.25 grams of protein per pound of your body weight, it is merely a waste. The surplus amount of protein breaks down in the form of amino acids and nitrogen which converts into carbohydrates and gets stored.

But according to experts, consuming the protein with a balanced amount of carbohydrates is important for fitness as well as for muscle building. One must take a post workout shake with three portions of carbohydrates and one part protein. After taking the shake, give 3 to 4 hours for its digestion and then eat a meal. In your meal, reverse this ratio in order to increase the effects of protein.

Myth 2: Stretching the legs is better than squats:   

One myth which has its strong roots in building the muscles is that stretching is more effective than simple squats. According to a recent analysis in medicine and science in sports revealed that stretching is harmful to the body muscles. In leg extension, single joint is activated which can be dangerous for the body. While on the other hand, engaging multiple joints into working together like squats are more effective and beneficial for the growth of the muscles.

According to an analysis, the leg extension turns your quadriceps active independently and within the difference of 5 milliseconds, it causes rough solidity between the kneecap and the thigh bone. Talking about squats, these hold the back safely and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground. The squats are good for shoulders and back as well.

Myth 3: Free weights for the workout:

Building the muscles with the help of machines compared to conventional exercises sometimes work a lot. For example, if you have to recover any muscle after an injury or when you newly arrive in a free weight exercise session.

If you are unable to pull up weights, then you won’t build your back muscles. So pull ups and pushups develop strength into your muscles.

But in reality, sportsmen will have the settlement with either machines or free weights, but as they proceed in training, free weights should make up the major part of your training program. The free weight exercises are helpful in activating the muscular functions and their brace. Free weights are known best for burning the fats and shaping the body.

Myth 4. Use of steroids:

The biggest misconception about muscle building lies in the use of steroids. Steroids are taken by the body builders in order to grow or strengthen the muscles. There are a huge number of steroids available in the market for the purpose of body building. http://www.beststeroidswork.com

However, the myth about using steroid is that these could be so harmful to the muscles as well as to the overall body. If once you use steroids then you have to purchase them throughout your life! Leaving the steroid could be harmful!

The answer of this misconception is that there are many legal steroids like crazybulk  available in the market. These legal steroid supplements help to grow the muscles, reshape them while providing them with internal strength through minerals and vitamins.

At the end, whenever you determine to build muscles, do not believe in common myths. If you are not sure about any exercise or medicine, then gather information about it first. It is also a possibility that every myth may not be false! 

Skinade – Get Glowing Skin In Just A Few Simple Steps

Our skin is whole outer surface of our body. It is the element on which our body structure is situated. It seals our body. The skin is the part of our body which is visible, and hence, it is mostly subjected to wear and tear. Revitol

Just like all organs of our body need care and attention, our skin also needs our care. If the skin is not fresh and healthy, we would feel dull, tired and ugly all the time. Whereas, a glowing and fresh skin is a sign of good health and fitness.


Gone are the days when people used to take care of their skin on only their weddings or any other special occasions. One should take care of their skin daily. Skin is the first thing noticed by people, and a dull skin will reflect your personality, career and outlook. There ae many ways to get regular skin care routines done from different parlors or natural treatments. Apart from that change in lifestyle will also change the look and feel of skin.


Our body is made up of the food we eat. By including fresh fruits and vegetables in out diet will greatly improve the quality and health of our skin. It will also improve the wear and tear on the skin caused by many factors as the fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals which ae good for a glowing skin. Include foods containing vitamin A,B,C,E and K, as these are the most important vitamins for healthy skin.


Exercise, specially yoga improves the health of the skin greatly. Through exercising or just routine workouts, our blood is transported faster to all parts of the body leading to a healthy skin. Also, good health make good skin.


Positivity effects your body to an extreme extent. If you stay negative or sad always, gradually you will experience dullness and seclusion. Laugh, enjoy and have fun. Put aside the negatives and explore the positive. Stay in a good mood for good health. Go out, have dinners, read a book or do anything which you love. This will greatly affect your lifestyle as well as your skin.


Skin is also harmed by environment. As our outside environment is covered with fumes and pollution and dangerous gases, it can decrease the quality of our skin and make them dull and exposed to dirt. Always wear a sunblock when going outside so to avoid the sun and the pollution. Also, do not go out at times between 11 am till 4 pm as the sun rays are at the peak at that time.


If the sin is well hydrated it shows. Drink lots of water, as water is the food for skin and helps it maintain the hydration level and stays healthy and supple.


One can also take vitamin and calcium supplements to promote the quality of skin. Nowadays, there are many supplements available in the market which greatly improve the skin and make it healthy and glowing. One such supplement is SKINADE. Our skin is made up of collagen which the body produces naturally, but, pollution, stress, quality of lie, diet, illnesses and age can reduce the production of collagen make the skin dull and lifeless. SKINADE is a collagen drink which claims to improve the condition of skin by boosting the body’s natural capability of producing collagen which in turn improves skin. SKINADE is not used for any sort of treatment or curing of the skin but just improves the quality of skin.


A good skin care routine regularly will improve skin to a great extent. Regular cleaning and taking care of skin has many beneficial effects. Skin will stay healthy and glow naturally if taken care of on a daily basis. The basic skin care routine is to cleanse, scrub, wash, and use toner on the skin. There are hundreds of products available in the market. One should always use good quality products of reliable companies as low quality products can damage skin.


One should also regularly visit the parlors for regular facials and massages according to their skin types. Different skin types require different procedures and different kind of product suited for one’s skin. The experts in parlors will guide you towards the best facial or mask or the best products.


Apart from these man-made products which contain many chemical, one can also opt for a skin care routine with natural and homemade ingredients. That will be low in cost and more beneficial without any side effects. The major products used in home for skin cleansing are milk, yoghurt, cucumber, tomato, lemon, fullers earth, mud mask, rice flour, turmeric and many more. There ae many homemade recipes all over the internet which help you in creating the perfect masks, and creams with ingredients from your kitchen and give you an amazing skin. But most important is to look for products which are best suited for each individual’s skin types.

These were just a few of the things through which one can improve their skin. If followed all then it would definitely lead to a good and healthy skin. A healthy skin will speak for itself. Improving diet and including fresh and natural ingredient, walking and following a regular skin care routine will improve the skin greatly. Also SKINADE drink has many good effects on the skin which should be taken for 30 days as it will improve the quality of skin greatly.

Niacin Max – An Amazing Supplement For Athletes

Through the past couple of years, the world has seen the coming of numerous items. A couple of items and administrations have gotten a really great and beneficial reaction while some have gotten extremely disappointing actions.

There are a lot of people who are working hard to acquire great innovations which can prove to be beneficial for them and also for others. The industry of medical has profited a considerable measure due to the these people. We now have more assortment and more items in the therapeutic market than the older times.

Niacin max is a vitamin of really high performance and therefore should be used with great caution.

The Niacin Max is one of the item that takes into account the necessities that each individual has while obtaining it. Niacin which is also known by the names of Nicotine Acid or Vitamin B3 is a piece of an imperative capacity in the body. Niacin itself is required in the body to concentrate vitality from every one of the nourishments you eat as proteins, fats, starches. Fundamentally Niacin helps in discharging vitality from the nutrients that you eat.

Other than this Niacin is likewise host to numerous different advantages. Niacin is extremely crucial for the solid working of the Immune System, The Cardiovascular framework and the Nervous System. Besides Niacin or Nicotine Acid is required for more than fifty other vital body capacities.

Benefits of Niacin Max

  • Niacin enhances the correct flow of blood.
  • It protects the cells from radical harm.
  • Expels every single undesirable fat from circulation systems and tissues.
  • Niacin helps in the breath of cells; this is finished by oxygenating the body.
  • It builds the arrangement of red platelets in the body.
  • Helps in the issue free running of the sensory system.
  • Helps in bringing down Blood Pressure in outrageous cases.
  • Assimilation is enhanced through hydrochloric corrosive which is delivered in the stomach.
  • Niacin is likewise accepted to advance an extremely sound skin tone and hair.

Other than these, the other thing that makes Niacin extremely unique is the expansion in the generation of red platelets. Red platelets are a fundamental part of the body. The smooth creation and stream of the Red Blood cells is something that everybody wishes. Having characterized Niacin and its advantages to every one of you, the move from Niacin to the item Niacin Max would be smoother now!

Know more about Niacin Max:

As specified above, Niacin has in reality got an imperative part to play in the best possible working of the body. The best possible measurement and admission of Niacin can to be sure make living and doing sound movement less demanding for individuals.

Presently there are numerous items that do guarantee to furnish you with the Niacin allow that your body needs. However, none have the similarity and the adequacy of the Niacin Max. It is not just an extremely appropriate and issue free answer for expanding your Niacin level additionally has every one of the advantages that one would anticipate from a result of this family.

The explanation for the colossal buildup for the item and the true perspective this is one of the best Niacin Provider for the body is none other than the way that the Niacin Max comes as a strip. The strip is an imaginative technique that is presented by the creators to make the utilization of Niacin much more compelling and issue free. The explanation for Niacin Max presenting the admission as a strip is on the grounds that every single other item has been putting forth Niacin as containers.

The cases need to make the strenuous trip through your stomach which can make them lose critical type of vitality while experiencing all the diverse stomach related exercises going ahead in the stomach. The new strip which Niacin Max has presented will specifically join the circulatory system, giving you a dosage of the imperative vitality inside no time.

Moreover, you will get the greater part of the advantages that you anticipate from the Niacin. This is something that give the Niacin Max a high ground when contrasted with every single other item right now introduce in the classification.

Advantages of Niacin Max:

Being an extremely Unique and successful item, the Niacin Max has an arrangement of advantages that can’t be disregarded at any cost. The advantages all match up consummately to exhibit an extremely useful item. Consequently, with no further ado I will continue towards letting you know the advantages that Niacin Max has and how they go on far in making this item an unquestionable requirement purchase for you. The levels inside your body encounter an enormous increase. The red platelets which are a vital part of the circulation system are expanded to clear a path for a sound living.

Increment in the level of hormones identified with human development by up to 600 percent. This monstrous increment improves development an ordeal. A way better and capable oxygen supply to the mind after the utilization of Niacin. There is a charming citrus taste and the flush is exceptionally mellow. Both these things make the utilization of Niacin a procedure that you would not by any stretch of the imagination timid far from. It is sans hazard and has a one of a kind and excellent 67 days return back arrangement. The advantages recorded make Niacin Max an extremely useful and must item for your body. Niacin itself has a considerable measure of advantages which once combined with the one of a kind and successful advantages of Niacin Max can be an exceptionally result arranged mix for your body.

The Niacin Max is altogether different from the customary Niacin Products and has an extremely one of a kind conveyance strategy to make the Niacin achieve your circulatory system as quickly as time permits with no bothers of experiencing the acidic responses in your stomach. No2 Max

Ingredients of Niacin Max:

Niacin has been known to individuals for quite a while now however the Niacin Max is another item. Not many people are taught with the information behind this creative thought which can extraordinarily change the vitality assets of a human. The way that the item has what it takes to end up effective does not imply that it was anything but difficult to create.

A considerable measure of research occurred to create the thought and the far-reaching testing arrangement was started after the virtuoso thought to save Niacin in a strip which could be kept under the tongue. The fixings are not yet totally known but rather we know is that the measure of Niacin in every strip is much more than what your body will get from a pill or case.

One single dose of Niacin Max contains 75 mg of Niacin to be broken up in the body. As said above, 95 percent of that 75 mg is going into your body, bringing about an exact moment level of wastage. Subsequent to building up the arrangement for Niacin Max the creators did a strenuous and an exceptionally itemized clinical testing. The testing took into point of view the necessities of the diverse individuals expending the item and how the need was being obliged using Niacin Max.

Prescription Diet Pills That Work Fast

prescription diet pills that work

From past few years, the problem of obesity has taken a toll. Most of the people are facing many physical and mental issues due to their excess weight.

Though, everyone wants to get rid of these unwanted fat pockets, but losing weight is not a piece of cake.

Most of the people failed in achieving their desired weight loss results, as they give up mid-way on their tough dieting routine. Another major thing that hurt your weight loss journey is the yo-yo diets.

Though, there are many fad diets available all around the web, but they wouldn’t give you long lasting results.

Keeping in view the demanding life and your quest for weight loss, there are many diet pills available in the market that helps you losing weight.

The idea behind using these diet pills is to make your weight loss journey easier and quicker.

PhenQ is #1 best alternative to prescription phentermine diet pills.

The thought of using diet pills is not comfortable for everyone. If you are skeptical about using diet pills, you can consult your doctor before using it.

One of the top prescription diet pills that can work wonders is Phentermine. It is the Presciption-only drug that is considered as the strongest option for weight loss.

It has been known that people can lose up to 17 lbs to 20 lbs a month by taking Phentermine as a weight loss medication. Phetermine helps you in losing excess pounds by making your hunger go away completely.

When you take one pill, it signals your brain that your stomach is full, when it is actually not.

The recommended consumption of Phentermine will boost up your energy, thus making you more active. This drug is suitable for both men and women, especially for the people who cannot deal with their hunger pangs and temptations.

Phentermine is considered ideal drugs for hopeless obese sufferers, as it suppresses their appetite and move them towards consistent weight loss. The only dosage of Phentermine which really works is 37.5 mg.

But Wait!!

Phentermine 37.5 is a good medicine for weight loss, but not the best, as it comes with certain risk factors and side effects that outweigh its benefits.

It is a very strong chemical structure that can only be prescribed to sufficiently overweight individuals. The typical side effects associated with Phentermine are hyperactivity, insomnia, and dizziness.

Also, you cannot use this drug for more than 3months, as it will simply stop working and chances are you may regain the lost weight.

Here’s the Good News

Fortunately, there are more effective and safer weight loss formulas that are available in the market. The top 3 better alternatives than Phentermine are following:

  • Phen375
  • PhenQ
  • Phen24


phen375 diet pills

Phen375 is a legal and effective alternative for Phentermine. It works greatly by improving your metabolic activities. Phen375 will help improving your metabolism significantly, which in turns increases the natural processes of digestion and fat burn.

Since many years, Phen375 has known as the powerful fat burner that aids you in weight loss. Also, Phen375 helps in boosting up energy in your body, thus making you more active and your body will be able to burn more calories.

Unlike Phentermine, Phen375 is just not an appetite suppressant, but an effective fat burner. You will start noticing the change in your body functioning within just 2 to 3 days of using Phen375.

Powerful Ingredients of Phen375

This weight loss formula is equipped with strong and active ingredients that can drastically help you in getting rid of excess fats. All ingredients in Phen375 are natural and impose no risks to your overall health.

L-Carnitine: The formula contains this amazing ingredient that greatly improves the release of stored body fat.

Sympathomimetic Amine: Also known as Citrus Aurantium, is a natural and powerful ingredient that enhance your metabolism and make positive impacts on metabolic functions.

Caffeine (1,3,7 – Trimethylxanthine): This ingredient boost your energy levels and improves your mood by stimulating endorphins to give you good state of mind.

Capsaicin: This fat burning ingredient increases your body temperature, forcing your body to burn additional calories.

Positive Outcomes of Using Phen375

Phen375 is really an effective drug for weight loss that can help you in changing your body by shedding off your extra fats. The formula is enriched with powerful ingredients and a proper regimen of Phen375 will help you lose up to 50 pounds in the course of 3 months. However, you can excel your weight loss journey by implementing these weight loss techniques along with the usage of Phen375.

You can lose more weight if you enhance your water intake. Also, make sure to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before and after eating. While moving towards your weight loss goals, don’t forget to take a good night sleep. It is imperative to get a good 8 hours sleep every night to keep your weight off.

Successful weight loss is all about changing the lifestyle and be focused about nutrition. While using Phen375 you should reduce the intake of fast food, soda drinks and sugary stuff to enhance reach your desired weight loss goals.

Unlike Phentermine, Phen375 doesn’t stop acting on your weight loss after 3 months. You can use this drug as long as you need and it is certainly a winning option for your healthy weight loss.


phenq diet pills

This is another Prescription-free weight loss pill that is a revolutionary fat burner formula. PhenQ is a unique weight loss formula, as it not only burn excess fat, but also blocks fat production in your body while taking care of your appetite as well.

PhenQ has gained popularity in the weight loss industry because of its efficient 3 mechanisms in a single pill. It is considered as an outstanding weight loss product today, as well as the safe alternative to Phentermine.

With just 2 pills of PhenQ taken on a daily basis, you will notice a drastic change in your metabolic activities. This weight loss formula will improve your metabolism and will push your body to burn more calories while blocking the production of fat cells in your body.

The formula is an effective appetite suppressant that makes you feel fuller for longer without consuming additional calories from foods, drinks or any other unhealthy food choice.

Unlike Phentermine and other diet pills available in the market, PhenQ is not associated with any harmful side effects. With the use of PhenQ, you will never feel deprive of sleep. The lack of sleep is the major culprit behind sluggish metabolism, imbalance in your digestion and other form of health complications.

Key ingredient of PhenQ

The main active ingredient of PhenQ that makes it an outstanding product from its competitors and makes it a unique formula from other weight loss supplements is a patented formula called α-Lacys Reset.

This key ingredient is a combination of two ingredients that are alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. These powerful ingredients positively impact the digestive functions of the body to normalize and charge up your metabolism.

The main focus is this drug is towards active metabolism, because sluggish metabolism is one of the major causes for fat accumulation in the body which results in obesity and terrible weight gain issues.

Besides consistently improving your metabolic activities PhenQ offers many other benefits that assist in making your weight loss faster and quicker.

  • With PhenQ you will start eating less, as it helps in suppressing your appetite.
  • With the use of PhenQ, the fat production and accumulation will slow down in your body, thus preventing you from getting fat.
  • PhenQ will help you burning more calories than ever, which in turn aids in losing weight.

Lose Weight With PhenQ

You have to take just 2 pills of PhenQ on daily basis and you will notice a change in your body metabolism.

Its three-way approach of dealing with weight loss will help you burn more calories, while killing out fat cells so that you may lose more weight within a short span of time.

Unlike Phentermine, PhenQ is also free from all side effects and is suitable to use for both men and women.



This weight loss has come with a revolutionary approach that no one else has come up with. It works 24 hours a day to make sure you lose weight all around the clock. Whether you are sleeping or awake, you will be able to lose weight and burn your body fat all the time.

It is a natural weight loss system that gives you restful sleep along with a charged-up metabolism even during your sleeping hours. It comes with a day-time and night-time supplement to ensure 24 hours weight loss.

How It Works?

The Day-time supplement will increase your metabolism, boost energy in your body and keeps you motivated for workouts to burn more calories.

On the other hand, the night supplement will reduce your evening hunger pangs, and increase your night time metabolism while offering you good night sleep.

You just have to take one daytime pill with breakfast and 2 nighttime pills before the dinner with a glass of water. You will be able to see noticeable weight loss results with your dream body within a short span of 2 months.