Rules and regulations of Olympic weightlifting

Weight lifting is a popular sport in the Olympics. It can be described as an athletic discipline. In this sport the weight lifter is required to attempt a maximum-single weight lift of a barbell which is loaded with weight plates.

Olympic weight lifting tests the human ballistic strengths. Therefore the lifts are required to be executed with mobility and as well as adept strength movements. The competition is divided in to two categories for better assessment. This includes the ‘snatch’ and the clean and jerk. Every weight lifter gets three attempts. A weight lifter who is unable to complete at least one successful snatch or clean and jerk is disqualified from the competition.

The Olympics are the biggest game competition in the world. They happen in an assigned city after every five years. Contestants from all over the world come to take part in this competition. The Olympics have very strong rules and regulations regarding each game so that authenticity and fairness can be maintained. These rules also apply to the weight lifting segment. Below are some of the main rules of this segment.

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Below are some of the rules mentioned for weight lifters in the Olympics?

The Snatch and Lift rule

The Snatch can be described as a single movement. In this particular move the weight lifter holds the bar in a wide grip. The weight lifter is then required to lift the bar off from the ground in one single continuous movement. Once the weight is lifted the weight lifter stands upright with the barbell overhead.

The clean and jerk is a two part movement. In the clean segment the weight lifter picks up the barbell in a single movement to bring the barbell from the platform up to the shoulders. During this transition the barbell is allowed to touch the thighs and hips but it should not at all make any contact with the chest. The feet are required to move in the same line before the next move ‘jerk’ can be executed.

In the jerk segment the weight lifter bends the legs so that the arms are fully extended vertically ensuring the barbell reaches its maximum height vertically. The athlete then returns to the original position.

When the judges observe that the weight lifter has gained complete control they will show the Down signal.

What must be noted that after the clean movement and before the jerk the weight lifter is allowed to change the position of the barbell. This does not mean that an additional jerk movement has been granted. It instead just gives the athlete a chance to change the width of the grip.

Some General Rules

Hooking is a special technique and is allowed in the games. In all the lifts if the referee sees that the lift has not gone above the knee level it will be ruled out as ‘No lift’.

Once the Referee signals ‘down’ the barbell should be placed down slowly and properly. It should not look like the barbell has been placed down as an accident. It is recommended that the weight lifter releases its grip once the barbell has crossed the shoulders. Top Legal Steroids

If any weight lifter suffers from any kind of anatomical restriction and is not able to fully extend the elbow fully he or she should bring this fact under the notice of the Referee beforehand.

If any weight lifter is found using any sort of lubricant on the thigh such as talcum powder, grease, water etc he or she will be immediately disqualified in an attempt of cheating.

However the usage of chalk on the hands is permitted.

The warm up area of the athletes should be close to the competition area. The warm up area should have the prescribed number of barbells. The warm up area is monitored by a video camera so any suspicious behaviour will be brought in to the notice of the jury.

Weight lifters are allowed to consume supplements such as Dbal Max.

These were some of the rules prescribed for weight lifters in the Olympics. The games require the participants to be fair and follow all the rules so that they earn their medal truthfully.